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Utpal KC


A spiritual journey to peace & prosperity


peace & prosperity

without stepping out from your home

with spiritual secrets in 3 days



3-days live workshop

[ Please note, no recording provided ]

dd mmm yyyy, Monday - 7 PM to 10 PM

dd mmm yyyy, Tuesday - 7 PM to 10 PM

dd mmm yyyy, Wednesday - 7 PM to 10 PM

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🎯 Do you feel that considering your hard work and knowledge you deserve better pay / income?


🎯 Do you feel that you deserve better attention in your organization or community or even family?


I know how you feel when you are ignored. I passed through that and lot more.🚶‍♀️ Workplace became pain. Stress became my life, frustration became my future & anger became my relationship.


I spent lakhs of rupees and hundreds of hours attending spiritual camps, training programs and reading books. 📗 I also wrote myself a Rs 10 crore cheque, that I never received. 😊 However, a selected few books and programs changed my life gradually.


Gradually I was transformed from a shy, angry, introvert and grossly ignored person to one, who was regularly interviewed by the media, hired as a CXO and eventually trained thousands from every walk of life. 🎯


I took long, but figured out the secret - I named it, "DAIVIK LEADING". 💥  


The offline workshop rocked Mumbai once and transformed 24 lives. RESULTS WERE INSTANT 📛


✅ Our participant, Satyaprakash, not only became the most favorite of his boss from the most hated one, but also became one of the most sought after speakers in his organisation.


✅ Ex-CFO and CA Vishnu transformed his business magically and humorously said, "Sir, I am feeling like suing you for not appearing in my life 20 years ago."


✅ Sr. medical practitioner Dr. Sajjan Agarwal said, "I am feeling like It's a new life."

The course that rocked Mumbai once and transformed many lives in 3 days has become online and going global

key Benefits

By the time you finish the course you will be able to

1. realise how to get the world need (pay) you

2. understand the secret of success & wealth​

3. show enormous confidence & leadership

4. feel the blissfulness of a fulfilling life

5. experience clarity of purpose

6. see opportunities all around


 🔥 Session 1: Paradigm Shift

How to access other peoples perspective, connect and enrol them for your purpose even if the perspectives are radically different.

🔥 Session 2: Daivik Whisper
How we mislead ourselves and create growth barriers everywhere around and how to break through it.

🔥 Session 3: Secret of Wealth

Reality of money and the ultimate secret to creating wealth through purpose correction.

A few good words


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Utpal KC

Utpal KC is an author and a finance & leadership expert with around 25 years experience in the investment industry with big corporates. 


As an avid trainer he has conducted more than 500 sessions and trained over 10,000 people and transformed their lives on various aspects.

From a humble beginning with his hard work and continuous learning Utpal attained CXO level positions. He was leading big teams of highly qualified people through many challenges.

Utpal has authored many books and he was featured regularly in national and international print, television and electronics media.

By qualification he is an MBA in Finance, he earned master diploma in training and passed CFA Level 2 from CFA Institute, Virginia, USA.


A 401, Prithvi Height, Sector 19, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206, India


WhatsApp: +918017012222


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